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Skipline | Check-In

What is Skipline | Check-In?

Skipline | Check-In is a smartphone check-in function which enables your customers to send their data directly to S|R Rental by smartphone - without having to use one of the check-in terminals on site or tying up capacity with your employees.

How can Skipline | Check-In help me?

Skipline | Check-In is a central part of an effective distance and hygiene concept, as it enables you to record the data of your rental customers without them having to stay in the shop. It helps you to meet the challenges associated with Covid-19 in the best possible way.

How does Skipline | Check-In work?

Skipline | Check-In has a direct connection to S|R Rental and is therefore the fastest, easiest and most efficient check-in system for your rental business.

Your advantages with Skipline | Check-In

Effective protection of customers and employees

Thanks to Skipline | Check-In, the time spent by rental customers within your shop is significantly reduced, which in turn contributes to the effective protection of your customers and employees.

Barcode Check-In

Your customers receive a barcode which you can simply scan in the shop. Identifying customers has never been so easy.

Check-in independent of location

Skipline Check-In works on your customer's smartphones, completely independent of location. Whether in the hotel, in the car or directly in front of your shop.

Quick setup

With Skipline | Check-In you have no set-up effort whatsoever. Just send us a short message and we will activate the function for you within two working days.

Individual check-in page

With Skipline | Check-In you get your own check-in page, which you can also pass on to partner hotels, for example. This way your guests can already enter their data at breakfast and then arrive at your shop completely relaxed.

S|R Direct Link

Your customers send their data directly and without diversion to S|R Rental. The customer data is available directly in the shop after check-in. The transfer takes only a few seconds.

Available on all terminals


How does Skipline | Check-In work?

Only three steps to successful rental

Skipline | Check-In is simple and safe and takes only three steps. The direct connection to S|R Rental Software makes it the fastest, easiest and most efficient check-in system for your rental business.

  • 1. Call up the check-in page

    Your customers call up the address of your check-in page on their smartphone and go directly and without detours to the input fields.
  • 2. Enter data

    The input of the data takes only a few moments. The customer data is automatically available in your S|R Rental software after check-in. The transfer takes only a few seconds.

  • 3. Scan barcode

    For authentication, simply scan the customer's barcode, which is displayed on their smartphone. S|R Rental jumps directly to the right customer, you can start the rental process immediately.
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Further features


Skipline | Check-In is 100% responsive and works on all devices - no installation required. No matter if Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Booking Line

With the Skipline Dashboard you have full control over all reservations and see them in real time.

Landing Page

Skipline | Check-In offers you, in addition to the integration on your website, your own Check-In page optimised for Smartphones.



  • S|R Direct Link
  • Included Check-Ins
  • Costs of further Check-Ins
  • Rental locations
  • Set-up fee (one-time)
  • Contract period
  • Term of notice


99 € 12 Months
  • S|R Direct Link -
  • Included Check-Ins 100
  • Costs of further Check-Ins 0,29€
  • Rental locations 1
  • Set-up fee (one-time) 99€
  • Contract period 12 Months
  • Term of notice 1 month to end of contract


599 € 12 Months
  • S|R Direct Link -
  • Included Check-Ins 2000
  • Costs of further Check-Ins 0,09€
  • Rental locations 1
  • Set-up fee (one-time) 99€
  • Contract period 12 Months
  • Term of notice 1 month to end of contract

Activate Check-In now

Skipline | Check-In can be activated without any set-up effort. Please fill out the following form completely, we will contact you immediately.

  • Company data

  • Contact details

  • License

    Please enter information about the desired license
  • Please tell us the license numbers of your S|R Rental Software. Incoming customer check-ins will be synchronized with exactly these license numbers. You will find your license number in the S|R Rental start screen below the S|R Software logo. Please also define the desired address(es) of your check-in landing pages for each license number. The allocation is made according to the scheme and the addition -checkin. The designation must be in connection with the name of your business. Generic terms are not possible.


    Please enter a license number and the desired landing page for each line.

    S|R Rental License numberCheck-In Landingpage 
  • Please select your desired license models.
  • Please select when your Check-In license should start
    Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Questions & Answers

What do I do if my customer checks in but does not show up?

Check-in data remains in your S|R Rental Software until you delete it. You will always see the latest customer data in your software.

Can I change the check-in data if customers have entered it incorrectly?

Yes, you can adjust the data at any time in your S|R Rental software. Customers can also update and correct incorrect data independently. This is done with the help of the link that customers receive by E-mail.

Can I use Check-In for multiple locations?

Yes, that is possible. Check-In is always enabled for a specific license number, but the customer data is shared with all connected branches.

I have a fluctuating number of customers.Will the Check-In System provide me with benefits as a small rental business?

Yes! Even as a small rental business it is important to have a working distance concept in times of pandemic. By using it you increase your customer satisfaction and at the same time you can protect your employees and customers.

What do I need to use Skipline Check-In?

All you need is your S|R Rental Software. Nothing needs to be additionally set up or configured.

Is it also possible to enter customers manually?

Yes, you can of course still enter customers manually or via your on-site check-in terminals.

How many hours in advance can customers Check-In?

Customers can register with your data at any time. Whether this is done 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days in advance is up to the customer.

Where can I find the Check-Ins again?

Check-Ins can be viewed as usual in your S|R Rental Software in the "Check-In" tab.

What added value does this feature have for my rental business?

Skipline Check-In helps you to optimally master the challenges associated with Covid-19. It is a central component of an effective distance and hygiene concept, as it allows you to collect customer data without customer contact.

How long does it take to set up Skipline Check-In?

Just send us a short message and we will activate the function for you within two working days.

Can I make my check-in page available to my partners?

You can pass on the check-in link to your partners. Customers can register for a rental with you from any location.

What are the fees per reservation? 

You can see the exact price list under the tab "Prices". 

What is the process for families to check in? Does each person need their own barcode?

A barcode is sufficient. The main customer creates his data and registers the additional persons as sub-customers. There is one barcode per main customer. However, if several barcodes are desired, a check-in must be carried out for each person.

Is it possible to call up the barcode again?

Your customers receive the barcode by e-mail. Via a link in the e-mail, the data can also be called up again and corrected if necessary.

Where are my Check-Ins listed?

Your online check-in customers are listed in the same place as people who check in on site. 

Is the data of check-in customers available in all branches?

Yes, your check-in customer data is available in all branches as long as you synchronize the data of your branches via a server solution.

Do check-ins have to be selected from the list?

You do not have to pick customers from a list. Check-in is done via the barcode that the customer receives by e-mail.


Do you have any questions? Please write to us and we will get in touch with you immediately.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.