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Intuitive reservation in a few steps

Skipline is designed so that your customers can book sporting goods directly with you, regardless of booking portals. With Skipline, rental items can be reserved in a flash and of course prepaid. The reservation works with just a few clicks on your own website and offers the fastest, easiest and cheapest online reservation for your rental business through the direct connection to the S|R Rental Software family. Learn how Skipline can help you with your online reservations and increase your customer throughput.
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  • Easy

    Skipline bietet Ihren Kunden eine schnelle, einfache und bequeme Reservierung in nur 3 Schritten und fördert so einen höheren Kundendurchsatz in Ihrem Shop.

  • Personal

    Skipline ist Ihr persönliches Buchungssystem, ohne Konkurrenzangebote. Die personalisierbare und SEO optimierte Landing Page stärkt Ihre Markenpräsenz im Internet

  • Scalable

    Whether small rental or large shop network: Skipline offers the right features for any company size.
  • Transparent

    Skipline is the only system that allows the customer to enter data after the booking has been confirmed. Nevertheless, 95% of all customers enter their complete data before they arrive. So you do not have to worry about incomplete data.

Das schnellste Reservierungssystem

A typical reservation process with Skipline takes less than 1 minute. To make a reservation you only need to enter an e-mail address. All other data can be filled in by the customer at any time after the reservation. By shifting the data entry to a later point in the reservation process, Skipline significantly increases the number of successful reservations.

1. Set the rental period

2. Select rental item

3. Enter E-Mail



Learn how Skipline helps you with your online reservations and increases your customer turnover

Higher revenues due to more reservations

On average, our business customers generated three times as much revenue via the Skipline reservation system compared to other online reservation solutions.

More customers through efficient customer management

As a result of the short reservation process, higher conversion rates and efficient customer management, our customers were able to duplicate the number of their online reservations on average.

Acceleration of rental processes by perfectly integrated workflows

Smart customer data collection and tracking logic enables an average of 95% of customers to complete their data before they arrive, which significantly speeds up processes.

Higher margins per reservation

As a Skipline customer, you pay an average commission of 2.25% per reservation - a fraction of what other providers charge.

Skipline Dashboard

With the Skipline Dashboard you have full control over all reservations and see them in real time. Find out at a glance how many customers are arriving on the current day and which items they have reserved. The Skipline Dashboard can be easily accessed via a link in your browser.

Skipline Landingpage

The Skipline Landingpage is a search engine optimized site that strengthens the ranking of your own website and is also optimally set up for mobile bookings on your smartphone. You can determine the address of your page yourself. The setup follows the scheme:

Skipline Check-In for S|R Rental

Skipline-Check-In is an extension of Skipline that allows customers to send their personal data directly to your S|R Rental software via their smartphone without having to use one of the on-site check-in terminals or tie up capacity with your staff. The data is available in real time after being sent by the customer. This allows you to record the data of your rental customers without them having to stay in the store. The customers receive a barcode, which you can scan in the store for identification.All Skipline and S|R Rental customers will receive the new Skipline check-in at a greatly reduced price in the 2020/2021 season. So if you choose Skipline now, you will benefit twice over.

Try Skipline

Let Skipline impress you. Here you can try Skipline live. No real reservations are made within the demo booking section.


Skipline offers a perfect reservation experience on all devices - without an app or installation, making the reservation easier and faster than ever before. Skipline also has the following features & benefits:


Skipline offers advanced personalization options and can be perfectly adapted to the CI of your website.


With the Multishop feature and a map display Skipline offers the possibility to display several shops on one page.


With Skipline your reservation works across all devices. No matter if Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Barcode Check-In

Skipline enables the customer to check in via barcode and this significantly speeds up your rental process.


Customers are able to reserve with you through partners

Booking Line

Use the landing page or integrate the booking directly into your website.

E-Mail Reminder

Skipline informs the customer about the status of his reservation

Landing Page

Skipline offers you, besides the integration on your website, your own SEO optimized landing page which improves your ranking.

to be continued

We are continuously developing Skipline to revolutionize Internet reservation.


Our prices are transparent and without hidden costs


  • PayPal®
  • Landing Page
  • Multishop Option
  • Stripe®
  • Affiliates
  • Anpassung an CI
  • Individual E-Mails
  • Included reservations in 12 months
  • Cost for additional customers
  • Set-up fee
  • Contract period


9 € /Month
  • PayPal® -
  • Landing Page -
  • Multishop Option -
  • Stripe® -
  • Affiliates -
  • Anpassung an CI -
  • Individual E-Mails -
  • Included reservations in 12 months 10
  • Cost for additional customers 2,49€ / customer
  • Set-up fee 199€
  • Contract period 12 months


49€ /Month
  • PayPal® -
  • Landing Page -
  • Multishop Option -
  • Stripe® -
  • Affiliates -
  • Anpassung an CI -
  • Individual E-Mails optional
  • Included reservations in 12 months 100
  • Cost for additional customers 1,69€ / customer
  • Set-up fee 399€
  • Contract period 12 months

Contract period 12 months. Term of notice 1 month to the end of the contract period. The number of included customers refers to 12 months.


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About us

Who is behind Skipline?

Skipline and the team behind it is part of S|R Software GmbH & Co. KG, the world's leading provider of software solutions for the rental, sale and management of sporting goods. In developing systems such as Skipline, we can draw on over 25 years of experience in the sports and leisure market. As an established specialist for the sports and leisure market, we were the first software in the sports trade to offer internet reservation for our customers. Our many years of experience with online bookings have been incorporated into the development of Skipline.

S|R Software GmbH & Co. KG

Robert-Bosch-Str. 32
63303 Dreieich

HRA 42583
Place of jurisdiction: Langen / (Hessen) Germany
Managing Director: Andreas Rauh

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